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Points Settlement

These conditions (hereinafter “Conditions”) govern the initiative (hereinafter “Program”) promoted by VaporArt S.r.l. (hereinafter “VaporArt”).

1. Registration

Two categories of customers (“User” or “Users”, or “You”) are eligible to participate in the Program:

  • private Users, i.e. natural persons, who are 18 years old and have their residence or domicile in Italy (hereinafter, the “Private Users”);
  • - retailer Users, i.e. natural persons, who are 18 years old and have their residence or domicile in Italy, as well as legal persons under Italian law, who have business relations with VaporArt (hereinafter, the “Retailer Users”).

To join the Program, You must necessarily have an account (hereinafter, “Account”) on the site available at the following URL: https://store.vaporart.it (hereinafter, the “Site”), complete with all data required by VaporArt (including first name, last name, email address).

2. Purpose and duration of the Program

The Program allows You to accumulate points against a specific spend on the Site. The thresholds of points collected, as determined and listed in the next point, will award You a coupon to be used in a subsequent purchase on the Site. You may also use this coupon after the end of the Program, limited to the points accumulated up to said end. The Program shall have a duration of 24 (twenty-four) months from the effective date of the Program.

3. Point collection thresholds

The point collection thresholds determined by VaporArt are respectively:

  • For Private Users: for each order completed on the Site, Private Users will receive 1 (one) point for every 0 euros spent (net of excise taxes, any discounts applied to the order, shipping, delivery and/or payment charges and any previously accumulated points);
  • For Retailer Users: for each order completed on the Site, Retailer Users will receive 1 (one) point for every 25 euros spent (net of excise taxes, any discounts applied to the order, shipping, delivery and/or payment charges and any previously accumulated points).

If the total amount for the calculation of points will correspond to a value that is not a multiple of the identified threshold, the number of points will be calculated by default (for example, if You place and complete an order equal to Euro 58.00 he/she will be awarded 2 points).
You will receive via email, following the completion of the order, the number of points collected. Order completion means that the entire order process is properly completed, including approval by VaporArt, payment through the provided platform, preparation and subsequent shipment. You will be awarded Points unless You fail to complete orders in the manner described herein. You will be able to check, at any time, from your Account how many points have been awarded against each order placed, as well as the total amount of points available. VaporArt reserves the right to add, modify or supplement any component activities of the Program by notifying the Users enrolled in the Program by email. The list of such component activities of the Program is, therefore, intended to be non-exhaustive. In addition, VaporArt may, at any time, provide additional reward methods reserved for Users enrolled in the Program.

4. Use of accumulated points

You may use the points accumulated in an order after the one that allowed their recognition. Accumulated points will be automatically applied as a discount on the taxable amount, according to the following conversion rate:

  • For Private Users: each point accumulated will allow for a discount of 1 euro;
  • - For Retailer Users: each point accumulated will allow a discount of 1 euro;

The discount applied can also correspond to the entire taxable amount. You do not select the number of points to be used but this is automatically applied to the taxable amount, according to the total discount accumulated. If the discount applied is less than the total taxable amount of the order, You may select the payment method to proceed to the same for the remaining taxable amount and complete the order.
The calculation of use of accumulated points is based on integer values calculated in excess (for example, if a Private User places and completes an order with taxable amount Euro 78.90 excluding VAT, the system will apply a discount equal to 79 points).
If an order undergoes a change or is cancelled for any reason by VaporArt regardless of any action placed by You, You will be credited back the points used on your Account.

5. Account use and Security

Membership in the Program and registration of your data with VaporArt’s computer systems will only be possible if the data provided when joining the Program are up-to-date, complete, readable and usable.
You shall not give nor transfer, under no circumstances, the points accumulated to third parties and/or to other Accounts other than the Account used for collection. You are not permitted to register multiple Accounts. You can only enroll to one Account on the Site.
VaporArt reserves the right to request suitable identity documents to be able to ascertain your identity, in particular to verify cases of homonymy or in case it is reasonable to believe that You already joined the Program. If a refund is requested, or the right of withdrawal is exercised for a purchase made on Site, VaporArt reserves the right to reduce the corresponding number of points credited to your Account. Only You must use your membership and Account credentials. The credentials of the Account must not be transferred to third parties. You agree to keep them secret and to ensure that no third party has access to them, taking all appropriate security measures to minimize the risks of unauthorized, unpermitted or non-compliant access to their Account. You agree to promptly notify VaporArt if it suspects any misuse, unauthorized or unpermitted access to your Account. VaporArt reserves the right to verify that the email on file is correct by sending an email to You containing a link verification. You warrant that the personal information provided during the registration process as well as subsequently is complete and true.
However, every use and every detail concerning the creation and management of the Account will be regulated in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site as well as the General Terms and Conditions, available on the Site.

6. Rights reserved to VaporArt

VaporArt reserves the right, at any time, to modify the provisions of these Conditions and will inform You of any such modification in such manner as it deems appropriate (without limitation by e-mail and/or by notice on the Site).
The current applicable version of the Conditions and, therefore, applicable to You is the one available on the Site. VaporArt encourages You to periodically check the Site for the latest updated version of these Conditions. All amended versions of these Conditions are applicable as of their publication on the Site.
VaporArt may suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Program for any reason at its sole discretion.
The suspension or termination of the Program will take effect from the date of its publication on the Site. You will be informed by notice to the contact details provided during the registration of the Account.
Suspension or termination of the Program will not entitle the member to any type of compensation.
VaporArt reserves the right not to contact Users who are not active under the Program (we refer in this regard to all Users who have not made any purchases in the last 12 (twelve) months using their Account) to inform them about its developments. VaporArt will put in place all reasonable efforts to safeguard, in the event of a malfunction, the points accumulated by You with your Account.

7. Suspension and/or deactivation

The Program requires You to comply with the provisions of these Conditions, as well as the General Conditions of Use of the Site and the General Terms and Conditions, available on the same Site, and to act according to the principles of good faith and fairness towards VaporArt. VaporArt reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend and/or disable your Account, resulting in the possible loss of accumulated points, in the event of abuse by the User or failure to comply with any of the provisions set forth in these Conditions. Following suspension and/or deactivation, VaporArt will notify the User in the form and manner it deems appropriate, without the User being able to claim and / or demand VaporArt any compensation from VaporArt.

Specifically, in the cases of:
  • Fraudulent actions and/or attempted fraud implemented while purchasing on the Site;
  • Misuse and/or deception of the Program;
  • Any action intended to disrupt the operation of the Program;
  • Purchases in large or otherwise irregular numbers within a short period of time, including but not limited to within 24 (twenty-four) hours;
  • In case of non-payment and/or perfection of the same, where more than 1 (one) month elapses after any reminder from VaporArt;
  • In general, from failure to comply with the conditions set forth in these Conditions.
8. Miscellaneous Provisions

The Program is not subject to the rules set forth in Presidential Decree No. 430 of 26/20/2001, according to the provisions of the same art. 6 c. 1 lett. c bis) and in accordance with Circular No. 311/E of the former Ministry of Finance of December 11, 1997, which excludes the reward nature of the Program.

9. Processing of personal data

You are required to review the privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) found directly on the Site at the URL: https://store.vaporart.it/en/privacy-policy.html

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Conditions are governed by Italian law. Any and all disputes arising, directly or indirectly, from the execution and/or interpretation of this Conditions shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of residence of the User.

11. Contacts and communications

You can contact VaporArt directly, for any needs, by writing to info@vaporart.it or by calling +39 015 35096.